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50 things you can do at home now

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I had long considered whether I would like to write a contribution on this topic. Everywhere there are only reports about the current events around Corona and slowly but surely panic is building up. This topic depresses me more and more, because the outlook for the next weeks is not exactly rosy. Then I racked my brains and came up with many things we can do if we have to stay at home or are in quarantine.

What does it mean to be in quarantine?

I myself am not in quarantine and have no contact with people who are in quarantine at the moment. Of course I am still concerned about this topic and I have been thinking about it until late at night. If I thought about it at the beginning, it scared me quite a bit… what should you do at home if you are not allowed to leave the house for at least two weeks? The easiest things I could think of would be listening to music and watching movies/series, but even that gets boring after a while… everybody knows it for sure, if you have been bound at home for a longer time by illness… at some point it gets boring very quickly even if you are happy to spend more time in front of the TV etc. Here is my list of things I want to give you on the way and which should make sure that you don’t get bored too quickly at home. I want to prevent us all from sitting at home depressed and regretting our lives, because there are enough things at home that can make us happy too.

1| Do something good for yourself

Do yourself something good at these times. Of course the psyche suffers a little when we have a less social and less cultural life, but it doesn’t have to suffer that much. Doing something good for yourself triggers happiness hormones. Only you yourself know what is best for you, so I don’t want to give any recommendation at this point except: take care of yourself and do something good for yourself.

2 | Read books

Books are really an absolutely good pastime and there is really something for everyone! I myself love to read books and I still have some books at home which I really want to read. My favourite books are about personality development. If you still need inspiration and like similar books, you can have a look at my book list here: My book list and recommendations for you*

3 | Telephone with friends and family

In the current situation, it would be absolutely not a good idea to meet with friends and family (unless you live with them in a household anyway). Instead, it’s time to pick up the phone and talk to each other. Also on the phone is a great way to exchange information, which I’m sure you’ve done a lot in the past when you couldn’t see each other.

4 | Make video calls with friends and family

Fortunately, there are a lot of providers today that allow you to have video telephony with each other. Surely you know the common formats like Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts or Whatsapp video calls etc. . So if you are facetimed or something like that, you will be able to be very close to each other despite the distance. In such moments I often forget that you are not sitting opposite each other in real life. This is a great way to stay close to each other.

5 | Freshen up the contact to old acquaintances and friends

You probably know it yourself, because of the job etc. you move and leave behind some acquaintances and friends. Often it’s not easy to keep in touch with all the people we know in our normal everyday life… When I open my whatsapp and search my contacts (at the latest this happens to me at Easter and Christmas), I notice so often that I haven’t written for ages with some people because it simply went under. To do for you: take your mobile phone, browse your contacts and just write to contacts you haven’t written with for a long time. You do something good for your friendships and you will certainly invest your time well by reporting about everything new and learning many new things from the life of the other person. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any contact for a long time, it’s usually best to be open and honest and write “Hey XY, I know we haven’t had any contact for a long time and I really want to apologize for that, but unfortunately it just got lost in my everyday life with my job etc. At the moment we are at home because of Corona and I would be very happy to hear from you again. How are you doing? What’s new with you?”

6 | Make a list of your favorite movies

Well, can you get all your favorite movies together when you list them? How about you make a list and write down which are your favorite movies? Lists are a great way to pass the time and quickly remind us which movie we like a lot but haven’t seen for a long time.

7 | Make a list of films and series you would like to see

This is a tip that I myself have always used in my spare time when I browse Netflix. Netflix conveniently has a “Add to my list” button for series and movies, so just browse, discover new series and movies and add them to your list. Under “My List,” you’ll always have a list of movies and series you’d like to watch, saving you a complicated search each time.

8 | Discover new streaming services

Most of you have probably already used Netflix and I am a happy user myself. But there is another streaming service that I already had unknowingly, but didn’t use: Amazon Prime Video* You can use Amazon Prime Video* as normal and for free if you have an Amazon Prime Membership. This means you have unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and series episodes for free and you can also watch exclusive series and movies before they are shown on TV. You also have the possibility to use the service 30 days for free. I was really surprised how much an Amazon Prime Video* can offer.

9 | Dream of your future

Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and just let your thoughts run free How do you want to have your future? What does your future look like? It’s really good to think more about your dreams from time to time to finally have a better life. This contribution can certainly give you food for thought: Let fascination enter your life (German version)

10| Do a home workout

Unfortunately, fitness studios and other sports facilities are currently closed… I have always liked to do a home workout anyway, because it usually fits better into everyday life. For years I have been using the app “Nike Training Club*” which you can download here for free to your mobile phone: Nike Training Club* . The special thing about it is that it’s a workout video, where real athletes (including very well-known ones) do exercises. I rate the workouts as very good, at least I always see and feel effects quickly. Of course you have the possibility to get acquainted with exercises for your home workout via other apps or Youtube.

11 | Do Yoga

Yoga relaxes and is easy to do at home, even without large equipment. There are countless videos on Youtube, which also allow beginners to get into yoga. Create a cosy atmosphere with beautiful sounds and candles. If you have already downloaded the App Nike Training Club*, you will also find some yoga sessions there.

12 | Muck out your wardrobe and sell your stuff at

Okay, I admit it’s a rather annoying topic and I don’t like to do it that much, but look at it this way: if you muck out your wardrobe, you create space for new things and can sell the things you don’t want anymore. I always follow these measures, I make three stacks: the first one is all the clothes I wear regularly, the second one is clothes I haven’t worn for ages, and finally the third one is all the clothes I haven’t worn. The clothes that end up in the third pile can be sold in any case, as these are mostly mispurchases. The clothes in the second pile you have to look at again and think about whether you want to wear them in the future or not, if not, they can also be sold. Besides, it does us good from time to time to separate from things. I like to sell my stuff on and can recommend this sales portal to you.

13 | Think of new looks and style them after

While you’re tearing apart your wardrobe, consider creating new looks with your existing clothes. Often you are really surprised when you put on different outfits, which new outfit combinations result. If it’s not so easy for you to find new looks, you can have a look around on Pinterest. I like to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration myself and I have a pinboard with lots of great outfits and articles about fashion: German Fashion Blogger Inspiration

14 | Clean Up

You don’t have enough time to clean up properly? Now is the time to take one place at a time and clean it up. For larger cupboards, etc., simply decide to tidy up one drawer, shelf after the other and not to do it all in one day. By the way, I find the series Cleaning up with Marie Kondo inspiring, so for all those who have difficulty motivating themselves to clean up or need inspiration – the series will help you.

15 | Do a good deed every day

This is actually a principle that should apply every day in a lifetime, but is now all the more important. You can also do good deeds from home, e.g. join Facebook groups and help answer questions, leave motivating words to other people, publish delicious recipes etc. The possibilities are so many and everyone can do their part.

16 | Think about a new interior design

You’ve had your furniture in one place forever? How about just moving your furniture around and get some variety in your own four walls? I have often found that it is so good to try something different in your room and that even small things like moving furniture can work wonders.

17 | paint a wall in a different colour or renovate whole rooms

Even a new colour in your own four walls can work wonders and make a room look completely different. Have you been putting off painting or renovating an entire room for a long time? Do it now, because now is the time for it.

18 | Make it nice on your balcony or in your garden

I really always rise in my garden and am always full of new energy – just happy. You have a balcony or garden? Spend a lot of time outside and make it beautiful there. If you still need inspiration, check out the Alan Titchmarsh: Love your garden series or check out my list of my favourite garden products* and get inspired. Plant plants and herbs, you will notice how good it does you.

19 | Watch recordings of a concert

Not only movies and series should be considered, but on Youtube and Co. you can find some great whole concerts of your favorite artists. Since we can’t go to concerts at the moment, it is so nice to remember great concerts.

20 | Order decoration and decorate

Easter is coming up soon and your apartment is not yet ready for spring? You generally wanted new decorations? Browse online shops, Pinterest and Co. and find new decorations. You can also browse through my online shop Rund ums Wohnen* and maybe find the one or other accessory.

21 | Write a little story

You have your own children or children in your family or circle of friends? How about writing a little story and then reading it to them. You can also read it out loud over the phone/facetime. You could then share this story with other families and make sure that many little children’s hearts beat faster. If you’re not so creative, you can also just read children’s stories like this. On Facebook I had already read about several people who do this via livestream for children – great thing or?

22 | Write down what you are grateful for in life

One key to living happily is to show gratitude. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down what you are thankful for. I try to remember what I am thankful for every day… if you think about it, you realize (no matter how bad you are) that you can still be happy. So write down every little detail you could be thankful for in your life. If you’re not doing so well, take the list in your hand and read it over and over again. I wrote an article about it a few years ago and would like to recommend it to you here: Evening Thoughts (German version)

23 | Make a vision board

You don’t know about the Vision Board? You make yourself a big picture/board and visualize your dreams and wishes on it. You hang this picture up where you have it in front of your eyes every day to remember your wishes and dreams. If you remember your dreams every day, you work more specifically towards them. For this I would like to give you my older contribution and heart: How you can achieve anything you wish for

24 | Watch your favorite movies in another language

You know your favourite films by heart and have already seen them 100 times? How about watching them in another language to bring in some variety and improve your foreign language skills? Alternatively, you can have the German subtitle shown.

25 | Paint stones

Did you know that there is a group on Facebook that has made it its business to paint stones, to finally set them out in nature and to make others happy with them? Have a look and I’m sure you’ll be amazed what you can conjure up on stones: Facebook Group Elbstones

26 | Educate yourself with online courses

Online courses are a great way to learn new topics, languages, etc. When you do an online course, it is not only a great way to learn something new, but it will also open some doors for you. Often you can also mention relevant online courses in your application and get a plus point with your employer. Make sure that you take online courses, where you will also receive a certificate or diploma confirming your participation. I can recommend this online course provider because there are many courses and certificates available:*

27 | Learn a new language or brush up on an already learned language

Languages are so important in today’s world and I can only recommend that everyone learn a new language again and again. If you are in quarantine, you have a lot of time to learn a new language. I myself have a favourite app for this, namely Babbel*. There you learn a new language easily and playfully, build up your vocabulary and grammar.

28 | Do something for a better self-confidence

Everyone has something to criticize about themselves, but a healthy self-confidence or self-esteem is so important. Take a closer look at your self-confidence and find out how you can strengthen it. As a little food for thought, my article Die Sache mit der Schönheit – 5 Tipps wie du dich dich sofort schöner findest can help you. By the way, it is the most successful blog post I have written so far and I hope it can give you a little more self-confidence.

29 | Doing a spring clean

Admittedly, most people don’t enjoy spring-cleaning and you have to overcome your inner bastard before you dare to clean, but let me tell you one thing: you’ll feel better afterwards. A tidy and cleaned room has a great positive influence on our mood. So let’s get down to cleaning!

30 | plant herbs

One of my favorite items on that list. Whether it’s in the garden, balcony or kitchen – it’s the perfect time to grow your own herbs. If you’ve never done it yourself, let me tell you it’s really super easy and you’ll taste the difference between your own herbs and those you buy in the supermarket. Herbs are too boring for you and you want to go straight for vegetables? Do it, implement it now. In my online shop Around the garden*, I have also linked some herbs as well as vegetable starter sets, raised beds, accessories and co. so that the gardening fun can start right away.

31 | Puzzle

Have you heard that puzzles are selling super fast now? Puzzles are fun and a really good pastime. Jigsaw puzzles are not only something for children, but there are also many motifs and difficulty levels that are suitable for adults as well.

32 | Support your favourite club/bar now online with voucher purchases

A point that is very important to me personally. I am friends with bar owners myself and also with some promoters and I notice how they are particularly affected by the crisis. In Cologne there is the site, where you can support your favourite bar or club with voucher purchases. This is certainly available in other cities as well, otherwise you can ask your favourite bar for them. At this point I would like to call on you to support my favourite bar in Cologne and their legendary Trash Island parties. I know the owners personally and they put so much heart and soul into it. Even if you don’t know the Schmelztiegel or the Trash Island parties yet, buy a voucher and let me convince you next time. Here you can go directly to the vouchers for the Schmelztiegel and the Trash Island Party.

33 | Make a photo album with the best memories

Whether for yourself as a memory or for others as a surprise: how about making a photo album? Especially in today’s world, where pictures are usually only stored digitally, something really great.

34 | Deal with the topic of nutrition

You don’t have any other time to inform yourself about the topic of nutrition? You don’t have any other time to start a change of diet? Now is the perfect time, because there should be no lack of time right now. New habits take a while to set in, so it’s best to start now and before your normal everyday life starts again, you’ll be in the middle of implementing them.

35 | Join a Facebook group on topics that interest you

Facebook is always a good pastime, but there are also targeted Facebook groups on various topics where you can exchange information even better. I myself run a travel deals group on Facebook, but it is more or less at a standstill at the moment. If you still want to join and are interested in travel deals, you are always welcome.

36 | Make a list of things you want to do after your time at home

When I think about it, my list definitely becomes very long, because there are some things currently I miss a lot. But such a list is a great way to look into the future with motivation and to enjoy things now that we can do again soon.

37 | Give compliments to others

Whether privately or via social media, give out compliments diligently. Compliments are good for all of us, to give them and receive them equally. In my article you can read a bit more about this topic: 24 January – Compliment Day

38 | Cook or bake new recipes

In Pinterest I have put together a whole pinboard full of recipe ideas and divided them into different categories. Whenever I don’t know what I want to cook or bake – I need inspiration – I look at this pinboard and find lots of great new ideas. Unfortunately, my pinboard is private, but of course I also have a public pinboard where German food bloggers post their recipes, so feel free to browse it: to Pinnwand Food Blogger Inspirations Dach

39 | Develop your own rituals

As already mentioned in point 34, habits need some time to consolidate. So now is the perfect moment to let new habits into your life and that includes developing your own rituals.

40 | Download my free travel guide about Dubai and get inspired

I am currently working on a free Dubai travel guide. It is full of information about Dubai, is suitable for those who want to be inspired first, as well as for those who have already booked their Dubai vacation and need information on the spot. I provide the Dubai travel guide free of charge for download as pdf-file: Download Free Dubai Travel Guide

41 | Browse old photos and remember old times

One of our favourite things between my best friend and me: we love to look at old photos of us. There were the great study times we remember so fondly and we always manage to do that so well when we look at these very pictures. You too can look at old pictures and let yourself be reminded of old times.

42 | Download new music and browse playlists

I can’t even remember when I last updated my music. Go to Youtube or your favorite music streaming service and get inspired by new music. Often existing playlists can also give you inspiration.

43 | Learn a new creative hobby

The variety of hobbies that you can also do at home is huge. Whether learning a new musical instrument, getting creative with different DIY projects, painting, learning dance steps etc. The possibilities are almost unlimited thanks to the age of the Internet. Just think about what you always wanted to do and put it into practice.

44 | Think about your current job

Are you happy with your current job? What do you need to be happy? Do you want to move up in the world? What do you need to get ahead? These questions can help you think about your current job and ask yourself if you are happy with what you are doing. Are you happy – wonderful. If you are unhappy, you should consider what you can change yourself. Do not rush anything, but see it much more as a chance to advance yourself with further education etc.

45 | Sending a letter or parcel to your loved ones

You can’t see your loved ones right now, but you still want to give them a little pleasure? How about writing them a letter or sending them a small parcel in a very oldschool way? For sure your loved ones won’t expect it and the greater the joy will be. Who doesn’t want a parcel on their doorstep at the moment?

46 | Turn up the music and dance to it

You need a club to dance? Total nonsense, you can also just turn up the music, sing along loudly and dance. It’ll take your mind off things and put you in a good mood.

47 | Shop your new favourite looks online

Sure, when all the shops are closed, you can’t go shopping. Fortunately, there are still many online shops, which allow us to discover new looks and to shop anyway. Which online shops can you recommend? Tell us your favourite online shops in the comments. You can find my online shop with my favourite looks here.

48 | Sort out photos on your mobile phone or laptop

I have over 30 000 photos on my mobile phone, and the number is increasing every day. This not only costs memory, but also makes your phone slower and you have trouble finding the really important photos. Often you have the same photo in this collection several times, so we have no other choice but to sort out our photos from time to time. At the same time you can sort your pictures into folders. Of course you can also do this on your laptop and additionally save the most important pictures on a hard disk.

49 | Offer your help to other people, e.g. going shopping or walking the dog

As long as you are not ill and do not belong to the risk group, offer your help to exactly those people who cannot/should not leave their house. I came across the platform a few weeks ago and am very enthusiastic about it. Here you can register as “I need help” or as “I can help” and with the help of your postal code helpers and people seeking help will find each other. Have a look at the page and help if you can.

50 | Share in the comments and let us overcome this “crisis” together

This post has a commentary function like all my other posts. We can now exchange comments: which of the 50 things did you find particularly helpful? What other ideas do you have? Are we going to come up with another 50 things you can do at home now? I look forward to sharing in the comments and how you rate the 50 things!

I hope very much that I could help you with this article and that you have found one or the other point that can occupy you at home. 50 things you can do at home now, there should be something for everyone. For all of us it is not an easy time right now, but it is up to all of us to make the best out of the situation and give us strength together.

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  1. Lovely article. I like your suggestion to write a story. Sharing stories help you to unravel your own thoughts. Then when you share that story with another person, it engenders understanding, empathy and a feeling of togetherness.

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