Frankfurt Insider: After work cocktails in the PARLOUR bar 

Frankfurt Insider: After work cocktails in the PARLOUR bar 

You want to know a real Frankfurt insider? You want to know where you can spend your after work evenings in Frankfurt? Let me introduce you “the Parlour Bar” – a perfect after work bar.

Yesterday evening I spent my evening in the beautiful Frankfurt and searched for a perfect place to drink cocktails with colleagues. One colleague told me about the “the Parlour Bar” so we went there. “The Parlor Bar” is located in the Zwingergasse 6 in 60313 Frankfurt – in the city of Frankfurt.

Outside you will not notice that there is a bar inside, because it is seems just like a normal house with black windows and the ground floor. If you want to enter the bar, you have to knock at one of those black windows and have a little bit luck, because if the bar is full (maximum 30 seats inside) no one will open the door. Inside you will find an elegant and luxurious bar – a little room with dark furniture – just a great atmosphere.

the parkour frankfurt

the parlour bar Frankfurt

In “the Parlour Bar” you will find the best quality, self made sirups and the best bartender in Germany. The result? You will get individual cocktails to your taste, because there is no official beverage list. Notice, all that services and quality have its prices, my cocktail was the left one at the photo and was called “old habits die hard” for 14,50 euros with a Parmesan stripe above. The other cocktail at the right side at the photo was called “no shaving but pairing” for 15,00 euros. All cocktails are served with water, what is also a special service and a little highlight.

Taste of the cocktails at “the Parlour bar”?

At “the Parlor bar” cocktails become a higher level, created like a perfume and perfected in every little detail. My cocktail was the best cocktail I ever tried so far. Even the served water has its own specific taste – soft water, which reminds me of “Fiji water”.
I can recommend it to anyone who is in Frankfurt, just to visit this bar and drink one of these delicious cocktails. If you go with your colleagues to this bar, they will be thrilled of this location and the special taste. Sure, the cocktails are a little more expensive than normal cocktails, but they are worth it and rather only one cocktail (which change your love to cocktails) than a few normal ones.

Have you been to “the Parlour bar” in Frankfurt? What have been your experiences? Where you spend your after work cocktails normally in Frankfurt? Have you any other Frankfurt insiders for after work drinks? I’m looking forward to read your comments and feedback on this article!

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