Kratz Grill Garden: the best German Bratwurst in Marbella

Kratz Grill Garden: the best German Bratwurst in Marbella

Looking for the best German bratwurst (sausage) in Marbella, we found Kratz Grill Garden. How we found the best German bratwurst in Marbella and why this is the best German bratwurst in Marbella, I will explain you in this article.

Our holidays in Marbella have been a disaster sometime, because my boyfriend and me have tested a lot of restaurants, which were worst in taste and service. We looked longingly for German food and service – we looked for a German Bratwurst as good as the bratwurst in Germany.

The lost “Manni´s Treff”

I remembered some episodes in tv in which Manfred Kratz moved from Germany to the Costa del Sol in Spain to open a grill restaurant with german food – especially typical german bratwurst – called “Mannis Treff” which means “Manni’s meeting point”. I immediately started some internet research to find out where it is located and i saw that it was in Marbella – perfect! We quickly drove to the given address – it was located near to a shopping center called “commercial la Canada” but the disappointment came fast. The “Mannis Treff” was already closed and a new restaurant was located at that point. No one knew where the new location was gone to (even the new owner of the renewed restaurant could tell it) so all of our anticipation was gone. Disappointed we drove back to our holiday residency as we suddenly spotted a big bratwurst logo on the right side of the street:


Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co.

The bratwurst in the bun – the symbol of Kratz Grill Garten

The famous bratwurst in the bun, which also was the logo of “Mannis Treff” made us curious and as we went close to the building we finally could read following description:

Kratz Grill Garden

Kratz – a perfect match! We randomly found the new local of the Kratz family und we finally could enjoy and try german food – our beloved bratwurst!

Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co.

The entrance of Kratz Grill Garden

About Kratz Grill Garden

Kratz Grill Garden is the new restaurant owned by Rebecca Kratz (in function of the general manager), her husband Julio Fraile as the CEO and her father Manfred Kratz, known as the Marbella sausage king. The restaurant recently opened around spring time and is located at a real top-location, right across the street from the Marbella Club Hotel. Every Friday from 19 pm you also can enjoy your meal with live music but beware to reserve a table before – it can be crowded very fast around that time.

We tried the served bratwurst and were quickly very satisfied – it was one of the best sausages i tried for a long time. I will describe the food more precisely further down in this article.

I shared my satisfaction about that food the the owner Rebecca Kratz and she quickly invited us to her little summer party on Friday night, which was all about the birthday of her husband.


Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co. Manfred Kratz (Manni), Rebecca Kratz und Ehemann Julio Fraile

from left: Manfred Kratz, Rebecca Kratz and husband Julio Fraile

Soon it was Friday night and as we entered the restaurant once again, we noticed a very well working team which considered Rebecca, her husband, her father and some employees caring and serving many guests within the rush hour of the restaurant. Kratz Grill Garden was packed with many friends (even with some well known faces and stars) and other guests. I caught some impressions within the next few pictures for you:


Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co. Rebecca Kratz und Christin Großheim (Bloggerin von

Rebecca Kratz and me

Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co. Rebecca Kratz und ihre beste Freundin

Rebecca Kratz and her best friend

Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co.

The meals at Kratz Grill Garden

Kratz Grill Garden offers a comprehensive menu which transforms a normal grill location into a lofty restaurant.

Out of the main dishes you can choose between typical german food like for example: pork cutlet, sausage salad, meatloaf, hamburgers or a wide range of sausage specialities like bratwurst, curry sausage, white sausage or cheese sausage e.g. or you can choose many dishes right of the lava-stoned grill like steaks or entecrote. The sides are also very diverse and tasty: you can choose between many types of salads, potatoes or fries in every variation you could imagine.

As for the sausages you can also pick between single elements or a complete menu with a side of your choice and a little softdrink – depending on the type of the sausage it even starts at around 7,90 euro.

Kratz Grill Garten - deutsches Essen in Marbella, Bratwurst, Currywurst und Co.

Thüringerwurst mit Bratkartoffeln

The drinks offered by the restaurant are very diverse. From coffee to all types of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages (even luxurious champagne) – there is a pick of choice for nearly everyone.

My rating for Kratz Grill Garden

I am really surprised how good Kratz Grill Garden is in reality – the interior, the food and the staff – everything is just perfectly fine. The whole team really works well together and makes good service and fantastic food possible for every guest. Our imaginations about a good sausage were exceeded in every way and we enjoyed the meal very much. At the beginning we only had a wish for a simple grill garden but what we became in the end was much more – a really good restaurant.

The restaurant Kratz Grill Garden quickly became a hot spot location for the pretty and rich people of Marbella – a place where you can meet friends and simply enjoy good food. There are also lots of pictures of celebrities right across the walls of the restaurant and all of them enjoyed a delicious meal there.

I truly can recommend you Kratz Grill Garden if you love German food and if you are on holidays in this region around Costa del Sol and especially in Marbella. You definitely will get delicious food there and the chances for meeting Rebecca or her father are really high. Even my boyfriend, considered as the “biggest” curry-sausage critic (he comes from the “Ruhrpott” – an industrial region in western-germany, known for good sausages) was very satisfied with his meal – which is really unusual when it comes to bratwurst-meals not coming from the “Ruhrpott”. If that’s not convincing than I really don’t know where else you could find a better one!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Marbella Insider. Now you know which restaurant you have to visit at your next stay in Marbella –Kratz Grill Garden. Tell me how you like this article and if you will visit this restaurant.

I am looking forward to read your comments.

Website Kratz Grill Garden


Avd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe

29601 Marbella (across from Marbella Club Hotel)

Parking: Behind the restaurant are many parking slots.

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